Resources and Information for Teachers

Aggression and Delinquency by Dr. Philip Greven

Aggressive Behaviour Outcomes for Young Children: Change in Parenting Environment Predicts Change in Behaviour by Eleanor M. Thomas

Battered Mothers’ Testimony Project: Human Rights Approach to Child Custody and Domestic Violence by the Arizona Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Biting, Pushing, Pulling Hair — Helping Children with Aggression by Patty Wipfler

Breaking the Devastating Link Between International Terrorism and Intimate Violence by Riane Eisler

Cyber Cafés A How-to Manual Including Designing a Web Site and Implementing an Online Peer Education Program by Alex Franka With Jessie Gilliam Edited by Sue Alford, MLS, Ammie Feijoo, MLS

Effective Intervention In Woman Battering and Child Maltreatment Cases: Guidelines for Policy and Practice recommendations from The National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges Family Violence Department

Every Girl Counts: Development, Justice and Gender a World Vision Girl Child Report

Fathers are Primary Parents! by Patty Wipfler

Fiction and Fact -- Corporal Punishment in Schools (brochure) by Jordan Riak

From Coercive to Strength-Based Intervention: Responding to the Needs of Children in Pain by Larry K. Brendtro

The Influence of Corporal Punishment on Crime by Adah Maurer, Ph.D. and James S. Wallerstein

Let’s Just Play by Janet Miller

Little Book of Peace produced by Amherst H. Wilder Foundation

Making the Peace: An Approach to Preventing Relationship Violence Among Youth by the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence

Media Violence and Children 2003-04 produced by Teachers Resisting Unhealthy Children's Entertainment (TRUCE)

Men Against Gender Based Violence Regional Consultation by FEMNet

Mobilizing the Hip-Hop Generation by Jesse Alejandro Cottrell

The Nonviolent Christian Parent: Raising Children with Love, Limits and Wisdom By Teresa Whitehurst, Ph.D., Debbie Haskins and Al Crowell, MFT, 2004

Nonviolent Partnership Parenting and Teaching: Leaving Behind the Old Control Model by Thomas Gordon, Ph.D.

Off Balance: Youth, Race & Crime in the News by Lori Dorfman

Parenting Amid Threats of War by Patty Wipfler

Picturing a Life Free of Violence: Media and Communications Strategies to End Violence Against Women a collaboration between UNIFEM and the Media Materials Clearinghouse of the Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs

Plain Talk Against Spanking published by Parents and Teachers Against Violence in Education

Hablemos Francamente Sobre el Castigo Físico de los Niños Spanish Translation of Plain Talk Against Spanking. Published by Parents and Teachers Against Violence in Education

Population Reports: Ending Violence Against Women published by the Population Information Program, Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health in collaboration with the Center for Health and Gender Equity

Power of Partnership Study Guide and Chapter Excerpts by Riane Eisler

Poverty and Exclusion Among Urban Children produced by UNICEF

A Proclamation for Changing the Lives of Children reproduced by the Alliance for the Transformation of Children

Progress for Children 2004: A Child Survival Report Card published by UNICEF - also in Arabic, French and Spanish

Progress for Children 2005: A Report Card on Gender Parity and Primary Education published by UNICEF- also in French and Spanish

Progress of the World's Women 2002: Gender Equality and the Millenium Development Goals produced by UNICEF

Safe From the Start: Taking Action on Children Exposed to Violence produced by the Office of Juvenile Justice
and Delinquency Prevention

Slapping and spanking in childhood and its association with lifetime prevalence of psychiatric disorders in a general population sample by Harriet L. MacMillan, Michael H. Boyle, Maria Y.-Y. Wong, Eric K. Duku, Jan E. Fleming, and Christine A. Walsh

The State of the World’s Children 2004 published by UNICEF

The State of the World's Children 2005: Childhood Under Threat published by UNICEF

The State of the World's Mothers 2003: Protecting Women and Children in War and Conflict published by Save the Children

The State of the World's Mothers 2004: Children Having Children published by Save the Children

State of the World's Mothers 2005: The Power and Promise of Girls' Education published by Save the Children

Stories of Meaningful Student Involvement by Adam Fletcher

Talk with Your Kids About Violence from the National Campaign to Support Parents by the Kaiser Family Foundation and Children

Teacher Training: Essential for School-Based Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS Education: Focus on Sub-Saharan Africa by Tijuana A. James-Traore,William Finger, Claudia Daileader Ruland, and Stephanie Savariaud

Ten Things Men Can Do to Stop Gender Violence by Jackson Katz

Toolkit to End Violence Against Women from the National Advisory Council on Violence Against Women and the Violence Against Women Office

Trafficking in Persons Report 2005 published by the US State Department

Turning Mourning Into Dancing: A Policy Statement on Healing Domestic Violence and Study Guide developed by the Advisory Committee on Social Witness Policy, approved by the 2001 Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA)

Unspoken Crimes: Sexual Assault in Rural America by the National Sexual Violence Resource Center

A Victim-centered Response to Sexual Assaults issued by the Idaho Ombudsman (2004)

Wisdom of Ghandi Series - Study group course material on the teachings of Ghandi

Working with Young Men Who Batter: Current Strategies and New Directions by Dean Peacock and Emily Rothman

Youth and the State of the World published by Advocates for Youth