Gandhi Series: In-home Spiritual Study Groups Kit
Seven Week Course

How to use this kit:

All materials are in .pdf format except those marked with an * which are formatted in Word so that you can edit and insert your own information.

Set-up materials for the series

Time Line – a schedule to help you in preparing the series

Newsletter article* – announces the coming seven-week series (format into your newsletter)


In-Home Study Group Materials

Materials for each week

  • Sunday bulletin* (Fill in with your own order of worship and contact information. Put in the series dates. Print on paper corresponding to the color of the week.)
  • Affirmation card (print on colored 8 ½ x 11” card stock corresponding to the color of the week; cut the cards apart; insert one into each Sunday bulletin)
  • Information sheet about the seven-week series* (Add your church name. If you will be holding an end of event gala, put its date, otherwise cut out the last sentence. Print it on Sunday bulletin-type paper. It is formatted with two on each sheet; cut them apart; insert them in the Sunday bulletins.
  • In-home study guide questions with notes for discussion (Print out and give to facilitators and study group participants.)
  • Sermon  – Transcriptions of the sermons given during the seven-week series at Unity of the Valley by Baine Palmer on October 3, 17, 24, 31, November 7, 14th; and by Arun Gandhi on October 10th 1999.

Week One: Gandhi The Man

Week Two: Ahimsa, Nonviolence

Week Three: Satyagraha, Soul-Force

Week Four: Yield And Prevail

Week Five: Out Of The Ego Cage

Week Six: The Steady Mind

Week Seven: The Illumined Soul

*Formatted in Microsoft Word so that you can edit and insert your own information