About SAIV

SAIV was founded by Riane Eisler with Nobel Peace Laureate Betty Williams and is a project of the Center for Partnership Studies a not-for-profit 501©)(3) organization recognized as an Non-Governmental Organization by the United Nations.

The mission of SAIV is to stop intimate violence — the training ground for the violence of war, terrorism, political repression, and crime.

Goals of SAIV

  • Ending the Silence
    Sadly, in many religious traditions the topic of intimate violence is avoided. Yet religious leaders are clearly in an excellent position to affect moral attitudes. Under the direction of SAIV Project Director Jim Kenney (former Global Director, Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions), SAIV is building the SAIV Council of influential religious, scientific, and political leaders to lend their voices to this issue.

  • Educating the World
    SAIV is using digital media, conferences, networking with organizations worldwide, and grassroots projects to inform religious and spiritual leaders, health professionals, policy makers, teachers, and parents. From statistical facts to best practices and prepared sermons, SAIV will spread the truth about intimate violence and provide tools for its prevention.

SAIV promotes positive action in seven critical ways:

  1. Creating a movement
    Enlisting and leveraging the active support of informed and concerned individuals from all walks of life

  2. Bringing key groups together
    Networking with partner organizations to support existing programs and develop new ones at local, regional, and global levels

  3. Providing the tools
    Developing and distributing materials – including the SAIV CD-Rom – providing statistics, analyses, interpersonal technologies, and links to groups creating positive alternatives to violence in its many forms

  4. Raising a moral voice
    Actively involving global spiritual and religious leaders to speak out against intimate violence and the national/international violence it engenders

  5. Creating a forum for inspiration and action
    The global SAIV Council provides a critical platform for engaging spiritual and cultural leaders, policy makers, and influential activists to promote urgently needed changes in attitudes, behaviors, and policies

  6. Nurturing projects to end intimate violence
    SAIV works with its partners, committed individuals, and the SAIV Council to identify, create, and support existing or new projects to end intimate violence

  7. Generating the materials, momentum, expertise, moral authority, exemplary projects, and practical models necessary to change customs and public policy
    This is the heart and soul of the Spiritual Alliance to Stop Intimate Violence. Every aspect of SAIV supports this vital and realizable goal.

We urge you to join with us – and help lay solid foundations for a more peaceful and equitable world through SAIV.

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